Nibblez stickers!

I have die cut 3″ x 3″ stickers of Nibblez available on the Etsy store (along with Cyaegha & Skull)!

Etsy store here:

Painting Nibblez


Got the first Nibblez done. I will have him, and versions of his face as a magnet, for sale on our Etsy store in late September. If you are interested in buying one before then please contact me 🙂

Etsy store:

Alcove die cut stickers!

Alcove die cut stickers available at our Etsy store. Cyaegha & Skull!

Vegvísir magnets

Vegvísir magnets. Should be able to start casting these this week!

Alcove skull stickers

Turned out great 😀

Crypticon: day 01 – setup

All setup and ready 🙂


Everybody here is excited about attending their first Crypticon! I woke up and found these two had gotten out of their boxes and were running around the shop trying to create havoc. After some convincing, they’re back in their boxes and have promised to stay put until we get there… The car is all packed up and we’re on our way! Wish me luck 😉

Sparkly blood?

*shrugs* why not? Getting ready for Crypticon in 2 weeks! 😀

Making lockets for Toto

Toto doll available on our Etsy store here: