Dorothy doll concept



Toto Doll Concept



Have an appliance or general metal surface you feel should be stabbed and bleeding? 

Well, my friend, I have just the thing for you! Embrace your inner Voorhees in a fun safe way for the whole family, with an Alcove fridge magnet!
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Samhain ZBrush sculpt 

ZBrush sculpt from several years back that I never finished. Might be time to start back up.   

Toto Doll Update

Alright. I think we’re actually done messing with this guy and have all the details worked out. So, on to production. Go do it all AGAIN!

The doll and accessories are handmade. He’s 11″-ish tall / 8″ -ish sitting. Stuffed with “beans” so he weighs about 1.2 lbs. Comes with his knife, collar, and locket. The knife and his hands have magnets in them, so he can hang on to the knife, close his hands, etc. The locket on his collar is inscribed with a T and, of course, has a photo of his beloved Dorothy in it. The production versions will have black stitching to add some contrast.




Refrigerator Magnets: Available on the Etsy store!

I’ve posted 4 new fridge magnets on the Etsy store:

Alcove_Process_Fridge_Magnet_Kitchen_Knife_w_Blood (1)

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