And one more. 

This is an old WIP sculpt that I need to get back to at some point. I had to see how he looked with this lighting though 😉


I can’t stop playing with it!

Renderman that is. 

I got everything  worked out and now have a nice lighting set up to show WIP stuff. Thanks Pixar and the Renderman dev team. Making this available for free and integrating it with a free 3D modeling program like Blender is awesome!



So, Pixar has made Renderman available for free for non-commercial use (o_o) AND they’ve added Blender integration via an actively developed plug-in (0_0) Rynee likey!

Checking out ZBrush’s renderer

skulltopus_Render_WIP flat

Working on a new item!

Working on a new item. The skull will be the base. We'll have a hand sewn plush item that will fit inside.

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