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Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. 


Mmhmm. Mmhmm. Mmhmm.

And now to mold this sumbitch. (0_0


While waiting for primer to dry,

going to give Sam here some much needed attention. AND maybe get around to painting him finally!


I think I’m done…

Think I’m done torturing this poor guy. Some primer and we’ll see. Then it’s time to mold…


I got the 3D print of the skull today!

The skull, once cleaned up, molded, and cast, will be the base of a new item: Here is an awesome concept sketch for reference 😀


And we’ll be making a plush octopus that fits inside. Thinking about offering a plush brain with eyes as another option!

Thanks Aiman at for a great print!

Stumbled across this adorable crime scene on my desk


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