Toto commission

At Terrain’s Bazaar, a few weeks back, I had an older gentlemen ask me if I could make a custom Toto with an axe for his daughter! How cool is that?

My answer, yes, of course!

Terrain’s Bazaar tomorrow: Saturday 06/22 from 11-9 p.m.

We will be at Terrain’s Bazaar tomorrow: Saturday 06/22 from 11-9 p.m. Very excited to be a part of this show right in the heart of downtown Spokane!

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13th Annual Lilac City Comicon

We will be at the Lilac City Comicon Saturday June 1st & Sunday June 2nd!

Babadook magnet!

First Babadook magnet all finished up and available at my Etsy shop!

Etsy store:

First Babadook magnet castings are looking good 😬

Do you do commissions?

I had a guy contact me via my Etsy store asking if I could do a commission. He wanted a Babadook magnet for his wife for xmas.

Why, yes. Yes I can!

We talked and he is fine with me reproducing these.

I’m making the mold for him right now. I’ll be casting and painting next week. So, if you’re interested, check out my Etsy shop to pick one up!

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Lilac City Comicon this weekend! 06/02 – 06/03

We will be at Lilac City Comicon this weekend. Booth 112. This is our first show in Eastern Washington and it looks like it’s going to be great!

Lilac City Comicon 2018

It’s been crazy around here lately

It’s been crazy around here lately (packing & getting ready to move), but I’ve managed to finish up some items for OddMall next weekend!

I’ll have these guys, along with everything currently available @ the Etsy store, at OddMall next weekend. Come by and say hi, as this will be our last OddMall until we get settled into our new digs 😉

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ddMall Holiday show: Sat 12/16 – Sun 12/17:


WWJD? It’s Friday the 13th! He would head over to my Etsy store and buy a knife magnet! *

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* Toto approves this message


The Nibblez dolls and magnets are available on our Etsy store!

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