Today’s expensive lesson learned.

This falls under the very basic concept and practice of measure twice, cut once. I literally can not afford to make such costly mistakes when following through with good process would have prevented it!

In an effort to see the silver lining here, I did learn a few things:

Better late than never?

Finished with the sculpt. I’ll get him molded and cast next.

Alcove_Mugsy_WIP_reduced_  (1)

Alcove_Mugsy_WIP_reduced_  (2)

Alcove_Mugsy_WIP_reduced_  (3)

Alcove_Mugsy_WIP_reduced_  (4)

Alcove_Mugsy_WIP_reduced_  (5)

Next item has a face

I’ve decided on a face for the next item I’m working on:


I should be able to start the sculpt tomorrow. I’ll post some WIP pics once I have something worth sharing 🙂

Stitched skin light switch covers up on the Etsy store!

I have two versions for this first round, a Zobmie skin version and a Fresh skin version… You wanna fresh one?

Available on my Etsy store:






If you’re going through Hell, keep going – plaques are up on the Etsy store!

The first run of the W. Churchill plaques are now available on the the Etsy store!

Going_thru_hell_plaque_Green_Warm Light_reduced

Etsy listing for green plaque


Etsy listing for Red plaque


Etsy listing for Purple plaque

First round of Switch plates almost done

Some touch up painting and clear coating then they will be available in the store!

Alcove_LightSwitch_WIP (2)

Alcove_Process (9)

First round of Plaques almost done.

Some touch up painting and clear coating then they will be available in the store!

Alcove_Plaque_01 (2)

WIP: plaque

Sculpt, mold, and cast done. On to paint!


WIP: Light switch cover

Done with the sculpt. Mold poured. I’ll be casting today or tomorrow and then on to paint!


Pumpkin production in full swing!

Well, sorta 😉