My name is Ryan Sanders. I am the owner and artist at Alcove.

Throughout my life I’ve worked in several different fields. At 19 I enrolled in an EMT program. I worked as an EMT until I was ready to put myself through a paramedic program. I continued to work in EMS for several years until I felt I needed a change. I decided to go back to school. Following my new found passion for tech and longtime passion for art, I enrolled in a college where I earned a AAA degree in computer animation. I worked in the video game industry for 12 years.

During this time my wife was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called (MCTD) Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and later diagnosed with Lupus. We decided it was time for drastic change. Going forward our goal was quality of life. To enjoy the time we have. We got rid of a lot of useless things that served only to weigh us down. We slowly rebuilt and moved forward.

Through this process I’ve gotten to do something that I’ve always longed to do. I’ve started a business where I get to sculpt, fabricate, mold, cast, and paint all sorts of wonderful, weird, bizarre creations.

I hope that you like them as much as we do!

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