Logo and sticker idea for NosPURRatu

NosPURRatu update

All of his parts have been molded and first castings done. Initial plans for his costume are underway!

This old thing

Finally painted this heart that I sculpt over 2 years ago. Have a proper plan for the heart now, so it was time 😁

Duh Feet!

Feet for the new doll are done. Now to sculpt his head 😁

Working on a new doll

Finishing up his hands 😁

Axe magnets!

I have a few of our new Axe magnets available on our Etsy store!

Axe Magnet on our Etsy store HERE!


I have a few Boo available on our Etsy store!


Terrain’s Brrrzaar tomorrow!

Terrain’s Brrrzaar tomorrow!


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#weallbuildthis #howbazaar #howbrrrzaar

Painting Babadook magnets

Painting Babadook magnets in preparation for Terrain’s Brrrzaar this Saturday 12/14!

#AlcoveLLC #AlcoveCreations #ProfessionalAF #weallbuildthis #howbazaar #howbrrrzaar

Ghost butts

Scraping and sanding ghost butts. My happy place!