Halfway through clean up, then painting! 4 weeks until Halloweenxspo! Go go go 🤪


Andy got me an internship in the games industry when I was still in school. Later he helped me get my first job. He is one of the most creative, kind, and genuine, people I know. Someone I hold in high esteem and am thankful to have as a friend.

He, along with a lot of talented colleagues are starting their own game company. Go check them out!


Some new magnets! Getting ready for Halloween X-Spo!


Casting. Casting.

Still one of my best sculpting tools!

Terrain Bazaar!

Early and looong day today 😁 Downtown Spokane on main Street between Lincoln and Wall from 11:00 to 8:00


Annnd back to it!

MOAR Lilac City ComiCon loot!

Cryomera! This girls art is awesome! I was captivated 😯 Wood block, lino carved prints and shirts of very unique subject matter. I love it 🖤

Cryomera’s instagram:


A freebie tester she threw in 😁

Lilac City ComiCon Loot!

So many great artists, but I really needed to NOT spend all my money at the convention as it is time to restock all of our supplies. That being said, here are a couple I couldn’t pass up.

The Rob Torno! I got his book, which he graciously signed for me!

Rob’s instagram:


Thank you Lilac City ComiCon!

Every year this convention just gets better and better.

As a business the event is always great for us. Nathan and his crew run this con like a passion project and it shows. From beginning to end they’re availabe with great communication and any assistance needed.

From a personal point of view Lilac is simply fun. There is so much going on, so much to see and do. Then most importantly the people! The attendees, the artists, and vendors are awesome! The attendees are a large very diverse and accepting group that you can tell appreciate this event where they can dress up, be themselves, and have a great time.

We look forward to this event every year!


Nathan started X-spo this year. An annual horror convention here in Spokane! This one is already hugely popular. So much so that we missed the registration for this year. However X-Spo is a convention that we will definitely be attending every year going forward! (Duh) ο•Έο•·ο’€οŽƒ


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