Terrain 13 tonight!

354 local artists of varying mediums. Terrain accepted NosPURRatu into the show. I’m excited and looking forward to art overload!


Finished NosPURRatu’s coffin!

NosPURRatu’s coffin

Carving some runes on the Meowster’s coffin lid.

Just got an order for 3 magnets!

I’d like to start by stating that I clearly am not bias. That out of the way, I think we all agree that this girl is obviously of higher than normal intelligence and has impeccable taste.


Skullz off to a new home 💀

New duds for Nos!

The Meowster is pleased. Now to make his coffin 😁

Monster spa day ☠️

Nos and a friend got their nails did!

A few more Nos painting updates

Started painting NosPurratu!

There’s a nice old diseased fleshy quality to the base. I love it.

Toto commission

At Terrain’s Bazaar, a few weeks back, I had an older gentlemen ask me if I could make a custom Toto with an axe for his daughter! How cool is that?

My answer, yes, of course!

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