Halloween X-Spo this weekend!


Poor Nibblez is really feeling the pressure 🤪

Halfway through clean up, then painting! 4 weeks until Halloweenxspo! Go go go 🤪


Andy got me an internship in the games industry when I was still in school. Later he helped me get my first job. He is one of the most creative, kind, and genuine, people I know. Someone I hold in high esteem and am thankful to have as a friend.

He, along with a lot of talented colleagues are starting their own game company. Go check them out!


Some new magnets! Getting ready for Halloween X-Spo!


Casting. Casting.

Still one of my best sculpting tools!

Terrain Bazaar!

Early and looong day today 😁 Downtown Spokane on main Street between Lincoln and Wall from 11:00 to 8:00


Annnd back to it!

MOAR Lilac City ComiCon loot!

Cryomera! This girls art is awesome! I was captivated 😯 Wood block, lino carved prints and shirts of very unique subject matter. I love it 🖤

Cryomera’s instagram:


A freebie tester she threw in 😁

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