Skullz off to a new home 💀

New duds for Nos!

The Meowster is pleased. Now to make his coffin 😁

Monster spa day ☠️

Nos and a friend got their nails did!

A few more Nos painting updates

Started painting NosPurratu!

There’s a nice old diseased fleshy quality to the base. I love it.

Etsy Shop HERE!


But more on this later 😉

Where is now?

Ok, where was I? Oh, right! Hello NosPurratu my friend. Thank you for being patient and waiting for me.

So, after a bit of a break I’m back at it! I have alot of exciting projects in the works, but first things first. Mr. Nos here is long over due for some TLC.

Heart magnets

I have 2 anatomical heart magnets finished and available on the etsy store:

Etsy store here:

NosPURRatu castings

Feels like every mold I make has a personality of it’s own. I have to spend time learning it’s likes, dislikes, and various intricacies. Then and only then will it allow good castings.

As much as I love throwing money in the trash…

I prefer this 😁

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