MOAR Lilac City ComiCon loot!

Cryomera! This girls art is awesome! I was captivated 😯 Wood block, lino carved prints and shirts of very unique subject matter. I love it 🖤

Cryomera’s instagram:

A freebie tester she threw in 😁

Lilac City ComiCon Loot!

So many great artists, but I really needed to NOT spend all my money at the convention as it is time to restock all of our supplies. That being said, here are a couple I couldn’t pass up.

The Rob Torno! I got his book, which he graciously signed for me!

Rob’s instagram:

Lilac City Comicon, Go!

Lilac City ComiCon this weekend!

Saturday June 10th & Sunday June 11th!

Putting the finishing touches on the last few items for this weekend 😁

3 years 😯

It’s been 3 years since we attended a public show or convention. Time to correct this. Thankfully we have some incredible organizations and people making sure there are plenty of amazing events happening locally!

We’re starting off with one of my favorite conventions: Lilac City ComiCon: June SAT 10 & SUN 11!

The following weekend we will be at another favorite, Terrain’s BAZAAR! Saturday June 17th!

And so it begins. I’ve got some work to do 😁

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